Peter Colbert

Peter Colbert has lived a life heavily enriched by art. Winning various awards, from an early one as a child in Toronto to many others in the graphic design, illustration and fine art fields, his work is known internationally and sold throughout the world. Colbert is a graduate of Humber College and won a scholarship to OCAD in Toronto.

In his career, Colbert has learned the importance of interpretation, and the value of seeing things from a unique perspective. After learning the basics of draftsmanship and honing his painting skills, he worked to put his personal stamp on his art. He appreciates artists who express themselves in creative and more unique ways. In each of his paintings, he sees the opportunity to create something that carries his trademark panache.

Many of his paintings are representative; others are more abstract. His inspiration comes from artists like Diebenkorn, Rothko, Degas and Jack Bush. Colbert was born and lived for years in Vancouver and grew up inToronto. He is inspired by his family cottage in Quebec and now makes Ottawa his home, where he creates artwork in his studio. His paintings can be found in galleries in Ontario and the U.S.

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