Lori Klassen

Lori Klassen grew up in a small Mennonite town in southern Manitoba. Her first contributions to the art world were in performance, singing on operatic stages across the country. Lori discovered visual art in the late 90’s after taking a summer course in painting with Carolyn Livingston. She has since studied both fine and decorative art and currently works out of her studio gallery at the Distillery District in Toronto. She has been a regular guest on the Women’s Television Network’s shows, “Divine Design” and “Candice Tells All” with Candice Olson and has worked for many years as a decorative painter and muralist. Her paintings and drawings can be found in collections worldwide.

Why flowers?

Because they are both fragile and exuberant. Because they reveal their secrets in their own time and spend themselves entirely in the process. Because the birthing of their beauty is so transient and so unabashed. Because they beckon me in with the thinnest, most translucent of edges and draw me down deep into mystery. Because of their ability to stand straight and to sway. Because the art of bending makes them strong.

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