Hanna MacNaughtan

My paintings are mainly inspired by the quiet waters and natural surroundings near my home in a small town outside of Ottawa Ontario. I can not count the hours that I have spent in my canoe or kayak immersing myself in the reflections, colours and light that bounce around on the landscape before me.

My artwork is also influenced by my work as an oncology nurse. With my art I delve into veiled emotions from experiences with my ‘other career’ as a nurse. These emotions somehow get wrapped around and into the spectacular joy and beauty of nature and reflections on water that I see as I go out back in my canoe or kayak. Additionally, I believe that the musician in me adds to the creative process as I paint. Surely the many years of playing piano, clarinet and harp help to guide me as I freely work each piece into a harmonious composition.

Born in 1964, I grew up on a beautiful old farm in a small town near Rochester NY where I spent most of my days outside with nature. I was always creative as a child and I loved to draw and make clay sculptures of my pets and wildlife. Marriage brought me to Canada in 1985 and I obtained my Canadian citizenship a few years later. My husband and I settled in a small town south of Ottawa and raised our family. Over the years, between shift work as a registered oncology nurse and raising three children, my creative instincts called to me and surfaced to a point where making art became a priority in my life. For several years the Brockville St. Lawrence College ‘Summer School of the Arts’ program provided me with the opportunity to study art in my spare time with my favourite instructor, the late Henry Vyfvinkel.

My art has evolved from watercolour portraits of children and pets to the abstract, impressionistic and expressionistic paintings that I make today. I love working with acrylic on large canvas. I like to use a variety of textured effects as I build up many layers.

When I work the canvas, I feed on the pure energy that happens when paints blend, colours mix, new shades are created and the piece unfolds before my eyes.

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