Donna Wise

Toronto based and self-taught, I have been an elected member of The Society of Canadian Artists since 1985. Inspiration comes from world travel and living in Canada, surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty. Theories of Architecture, Astronomy, Art History and all forms of music merge to influence my methodology.

As I paint, I feel like an explorer who must take risks with my creativity, which I believe, is the fingerprint of Human Spirit. The canvasses are my voice and a reflection of my inner world; they inspire me to speak with an independent and courageous spirit implicit in the emerging process of each new project. The goal is to enhance the environment with feelings of pleasure, beauty and optimism, with an element of drama. Hopefully, these colour saturated acrylic paintings with a focus on non-objective form and composition represent a unique and intimate representation of emotions, memories and human relationships.

Using glitter pigments that react both to changing light conditions and to viewers’ movements adds to the participation of depth and focus, inviting the viewer to have a more active role in looking at the art. In addition to the regular assortment of brushes are spoons, rollers, sponges and rakes that help create dynamic movement with layers of texture.

Immersed in a studio, flooded with beautiful music, the daily prep starts with a playbook, where each page carries the names of the painting, its individual design and a very specific colour palette before any paint is applied to a canvas. This journal is used as a daily reference, recording the evolution in the design and colours.

Great inspiration comes from the wonderful mentors before me: Helen Frankenthaler, Lee Kramer, Elaine de Kooning, Perla Fine, Alma Thomas and Jack Bush.

Selected Works

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